The Denver Broncos come into the 2013 season facing some problems with their defense. There is one thing that could help this situation.  Peyton Manning could control the football game. He has to increase the team’s time of possession.

Manning has to keep the Broncos defense off the field. He has to control the pace of play that would allow the Broncos to control the games that will be played without their best pass rusher Von Miller. If Manning can control the pace of play, the Broncos defense won’t be over exposed.

Peyton Manning is going to have his hands full trying to keep his offense on the field. He is one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game and he could slow his pace of play to extend the time he keeps the offense on the field.

Manning is one of the best field generals the NFL has ever seen. He knows what he has to do coming into the 2013 season. After getting 13 wins in 2012, the Broncos are going to have a tough time trying to match the numbers they had last season.

Especially with the defensive problems the Broncos are going to face this season. Losing Miller for 6 games is something the Broncos could have lived without. Manning is going to have his hands full this season.

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  1. capt.craig

    Good point.
    Seems Peyton & Co. have been working a lot on the hurry-up offence. As long as they keep moving the chains, score TD’s & eating some clock, the defense should be OK with out Von for 6 games.


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