By Larry GLicken

Lack Of Control, that is what the NCAA came down with against the Miami Hurricanes. Ya think? This program was way of control and it was out of control for years. The president of Miami, Donna Shalala is saying the school has suffered enough. I think she is in for a surprise. The Hurricanes placed sanctions against themselves, I don’t think the NCAA is going to be happy with just that. The NCAA even placed some of the allegations aside in their investigation. They said the information was obtained improperly.

When it comes to doing things improperly, Miami holds the patent on it. The school let boosters go way above what was allowed by the NCAA, these things were happening for years within the Miami program, it makes tattoo gate look like nothing.   Now it is time to see if the NCAA comes down on the Hurricanes as severely as they  came down on the Ohio State University.  Shalala said Monday she believes those self-imposed sanctions punishments should be enough. Boy is she in for a surprise.



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