Has Troy Polamalu slowed down in the defensive secondary for the Pittsburgh Steelers? He isn’t the same Polamalu the fans grew to love, he doesn’t hit like he used to and he may have even lost a step. Father time catches up with all of us.

The question the Steelers have to be asking themselves is whether or not father time has already wrapped his hand around one of the Steelers fans all time favorite players. Is this going to be the final season in the career of Troy Polamalu?

Can he make a difference this year? Will he be the same kind of impact player that makes the big plays when the Steelers need one like he did in the past? All of these questions have to have Steelers fans wondering how long Polamalu will be around.

Polamalu is certain to end up in the pro football hall of fame. But will he have a hall of fame season this year. The Steelers are going to need some production out of Polamalu this season if they are going to competitive defensively.

We saw it over the off-season when the Steelers parted ways with Harrison. It can’t be too much longer before we see the same thing take place with Troy Polamalu.


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