Matt Garza is just what this team’s brittle and inconsistent starting staff needs. With Yu Darvish and Matt Garza leading the way and pitching up to their capabilities, Texas shouldn’t experience (m)any lengthy losing streaks going forward.

Regarding David Murphy’s detractors, as far as I’m concerned they’re justified in feeling the way they do about this over-rated cipher. But their complaints ought to be directed at the guy who fills out the lineup card: Ron Washington.

It’s HIM who’d like to carve Murphy’s bust on Mount Rushmore along with “Washington’s”, Jefferson’s,  Roosevelt’s and Lincoln’s. This mystifies me since it’s been roughly a year and a half since Murphy last resembled a major league hitter. It’s doubly puzzling since Jurickson Profar needs reps DAILY–not just for his own development (and the team’s) but because common sense suggests that Nelson Cruz won’t be on their roster at some point once baseball’s Biogenesis investigation is concluded.

But RW isn’t known for making the hard decisions. He’s risk averse enough that he’d rather take the easy way out instead of patiently developing a young hitter and dealing with the short term mistakes that player’s bound to make. The process may prove painful in the interim. But if his talent warrants it (and I think Profar’s does) the rewards will be well worth it, so help me Chris Davis…

Don’t think Garza will pitch but he is a leader.


Just Sayin’,


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