Dwight Howard should have picked another team, a team that didn’t have a Kobe on it. A team that  needed a guy like Howard to be a leader. A team where  his talents could have shinned. Recently I read an article stating that Howard wants to avoid the circus. Really? If so, then why did he pick L.A. as his destination? He should have known every move he and his Lakers teammates make would be examined under a microscope. Now that Howard is going to be a free agent come July 1st, how much value has he lost going to L.A. and playing as poorly as he has this season. Not only can;t the guy make foul shots with regularity, he can’t seem to stay healthy enough to play an entire season.

Howard thinks he and his Lakers can win a championship. The hilarious thing is that he thinks they can still do it this season. If Howard is hoping a championship ring is going to up his value in the NBA he better get a move on it. The Lakers are not playing the type of basketball that wins championships. They are doing well just to make the play offs this season. That is if they make the play offs this season.  For a guy who just said he wanted to avoid the circus, Howard didn’t make the best choice. He should have avoided his stop in L.A. and he should have avoided getting on a team that already had the head ring leader in the Circus. Howard had better get his focus back on his game and spend less time thinking about whether or not a championship is going to up his free agency value.


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