What would the Green Bay Packers be without a guy like Greg Jennings to throw the ball to? Aaron Rodgers would clearly miss the man they have listed as the number 3 top free agent in the NFL.  Jennings made less than 4 million dollars with the Packers in 2012, now it could be time to pay the man as they say. Jennings would be a great catch to many NFL teams. Even though Jennings didn’t have the best season last year he is still listed as the NFL’s top 3 free agent. He only had 36 receptions during the 2012 season for 366 yards.

The guy would still be missed in Green Bay if another team would come in a sign him. The Packers may not think he is a valuable player right now because of his numbers in 2012, but he is. The Packers may get into a bidding war it they could just let Jennings go to the highest bidder. If they are smart they will find a way to retain the services of Greg Jennings. You don’t become the NFL’s top 3 free agent for nothing. Jennings still has value to the Green Bay Packers…


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