By Larry GLicken

Could it happen? Sure it could, Peyton Manning against his old team the Indianapolis Colts, a match made in the heavens. The Broncos are in a great spot, Manning has them as the Top Seed in the NFL play offs and the Colts his former team play the Ravens this weekend. If the Colts can beat the Ravens and the Bengals can beat the Texans, then wow here we are seeing the game of the century. I’ll bet Jim Irsay never imagined that in his wildest dreams. The Broncos with Peyton Manning could be in a spot to knock the Indianapolis Colts out of the Super Bowl race. Wouldn’t that be something.

Manning would have to love the chance to play the Colts in the big game. It would be like the student versus the teacher. Andrew Luck the guy who thought he was coming to the Colts to learn from the best the game has to offer. Now, the Colts are just a win away from making this match up possible. Sure a couple of things need to happen before this could take place but if it did, I would think people would be glue to their television sets all over the world watching this game.

This weekend will decide if this match up is possible. If the Broncos were to face the Colts this would be one of the best football games to ever take place. Peyton Manning would be licking his chops to have a shot at knocking the Colts out of the play offs. Anyone who thinks it wouldn’t give him great satisfaction has to be clinically insane. I for one hope it happens……..


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