I wonder how many of the sacks Robert Mathis recorded for the Indianapolis Colts was a result of using performance enhancing substances? Sure the Colts are proud of him, but what about cheating? Is the team supportive of that?

Mathis is one of the people who play in the NFL that think he can beat the system. How long is it going to take to get through to these guys that the tests are going to catch you if you’re cheating. Mathis knows what he can and cannot use while playing in the NFL.

He made a bad decision and now, his record-setting performance from last season is always going to have a question mark next to it. He played great and it is a shame he may have used a banned substance. Now he faces a four game suspension and last season could be a result of a substance he used.

I wonder if he thinks twice about doing it again? I wonder if he can comeback to the Colts organization and play up to the same level we saw last season, if he is clean of any banned substances? There has to be a way to wake these players up and let them know they are going to get caught if they are cheating.

It’s amazing that a guy like Mathis would think he could get away with it after all the years he has played NFL football. Only time will tell, if Mathis will be the same player he was while on the juice.

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