You would think after the 2 seasons that Reggie Bush had for the Miami Dolphins they would be jumping at the chance to resign the running back who has rushed for over 2,000 during his time with the Dolphins. Bush who has played in the NFL for 7 seasons deserves to be paid for his services. The Dolphins have cap room to pay Bush but the team isn’t interested in using that money to secure the former number one draft pick.

The Dolphins have too many other needs, they have holes in the defensive secondary that need to be filled and they need to get some play makers in that defensive secondary. But is letting he guy go that at times was the only play-maker for the Dolphins in the teams best interest? Where could Bush end up? He is still young and he is healthy. He could land on a team that has a serious chance to land in the play offs. If the Cowboys were smart they would take a serious look at Bush. They could use a guy like Reggie to help them become a more consistent football team.

Bush isn’t going to get the respect he deserves from the Dolphins and the fans should get use to the idea of him not being there. We will be very surprised if this situation could be fixed. The Dolphins haven’t reached out to Bush at all this off-season. I don’t expect then to make any serious offers to retain Bush in Miami either.


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