Tony Romo and his Dallas Cowboys lost a game they should have won on paper anyway. The Cowboys were completely out played by the Seahawks who down the Cowboys 27-7. The Cowboys defense could not stop Seattle from scoring and they gave up 182 yards rushing. The Seahawks completely man handed the Cowboys defensive line and it was Marshawn Lynch leading the way with his 122 yards and 1 touchdown.

Tony Romo never really got things going, he threw for 251 yards one touchdown and had one interception in the game. Romo was only sacked once. The Cowboys running game never really got going, DeMarco Murray only rushed for 44 yards on 12 carries, it was completely different than what we saw when the Cowboys beat the Giants.  Dallas has a habit of making the easy games on their schedule harder than they have to be. Losing to the Seahawks is one of those examples, Dallas was embarrassed by Seattle being held to only 7 points.

If the Cowboys are going to be contenders in the play offs this season they have to find a way to play consistent football. They should have been well rested coming into the game, they had almost 10 days off since their last game.

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