Is Jameis Winston stupid? Does he think his football celebrity is going to help him again? Did the police inform the store which caught Winston Stealing the Crab Legs from, what would happen to them if they pressed charges against the College Quarterback?

Winston is going down a path of self destruction. He should have known better than to try and get away with a crime, especially after what he has went through. Winston is not using his head. He was allegedly caught trying to steal crab legs. The guy could probably walk into a fine dinning establishment and eat on the house because of who he is.

Of course he would probably be breaking some NCAA rules by taking a free meal. But stealing? Really, doesn’t he know people are watching him because of all he has been through? Winston has the world by the short hairs. It is his for the taking and he is throwing it all away.

He is acting like some punk kid who doesn’t know how to act properly. Winston should be thankful for all he has because of his talents. Instead, the guy is doing stupid things and thinking he isn’t going to get caught. What is the town of Tallahassee thinking, releasing news about him stealing crab legs?

Don’t they know what a football town they have there? Winston is heading to a place that isn’t going to be kind to him if he doesn’t change his style. He thinks he is above the law, and his behavior is starting to so it.

Wise up young man, You were given a gift and then you were given a great scholarship to use you gift. Now, you choose to throw it all away because you are too stupid to realize what you have.




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  1. Kyle Johnson

    Whoever wrote this article must be a Winston hater & would bash him over anything. The kid isnt even old enough to legally buy alcohol. Lol.. “He was allegedly caught trying to steal crab legs.” This article is wrote up to make you believe that he walked straight into the store and ran out with crab legs. Or even as if he had to try to be sneaky about it.. Mr Winston was never arrested (either time) and the author acts as if was booked into jail. What he did wasn’t not a criminal act

    • LG

      are you kidding me? The guy isn’t using his brain at all.


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