Just think how many coaches in the NFL wish they had the Seattle Seahawks defense, how about their offense. The list cold extend to all 31 team’s that don’t. Pete Carroll is doing a great job keeping his Seahawks well-balanced.

Now with a record of 3-0 and the respect of the other team’s in the NFL, it is starting to look like the experts that picked the Seattle Seahawks to play in this years Super Bowl were geniuses.

The Seahawks made it look easy to beat the Jacksonville Jaguars, sure they were suppose to win, but the point is, Russell Wilson was unstoppable in the game. Throwing for 4 touchdowns and rushing for a nifty 7 yards per carry average Wilson was having fun out there.

You have to give credit to the Seahawks defense, these guys are ranked number one in the NFL and it is with good reason. They shut down the 49ers who were suppose to at least give them a game. The 49ers QB hasn’t gotten over that beating yet.

The Seahawks have a solid pass rush and they shut down team’s that are trying to run on them as well. Seattle has a well-rounded team this season and it is going to be hard to stop them. Their next game against Houston should be a better test than the one we saw yesterday.

Houston has only one loss this season and they can bring it on defense. Wilson will have to be on the look out for Watt and he has to make sure to throw the ball past their defensive line man. But I can’t see the Texans offense beating the Seattle defense, it shouldn’t happen. These guys are just that good.



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    Total Hawk fan here. Please hire an editor


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