Chip Kelly had to see what he liked out of his back up quarterback Nick Foles. Now Kelly has to make the decision who to start against the Dallas Cowboys, if Kelly is smart he would start Foles.

With the way this kid played against the Buccaneers, it’s a no brainer to start him against the Cowboys. He is better than Vick, there is little doubt about this kids abilities. He threw for 296 yards and 3 touchdowns against Tampa Bay.

He only took one sack and didn’t make any fatal mistakes. If Kelly wants the best chance to win, the Eagles defense is going to have to pressure Romo and keep it on him and the Eagles have to start Nick Foles in this game.

This kid makes it look effortless and if Kelly would have started him this season, it’s hard to say what the team’s record would be. We think Foles would have won at least one or two more games than Vick has.

The Eagles have a problem that many NFL team’s wish they had, they have a great back up quarterback who is capable of being the starter. Now Kelly has an interesting choice to make.

If he wants to beat the Cowboys, he has to know his best chance comes with Nick Foles starting the game. Vick’s better days are well behind him.


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