With all the NFL coaches that have been fired this week you have to wonder why the New York Jets didn’t fire Rex Ryan. Once again the teams locker room was more in front than the way they played. There were players making fun of Tim Tebow and others saying things about the way Ryan coaches. The Jets missed the play offs and there were times they couldn’t do anything right on the field. Yet Ryan remains the head coach of the Jets, Why?

Now that the Jets have fired their general Manager and the team is to begin interviews with general manager candidates, and with his coaching staff in limbo, Rex Ryan is on vacation in the Bahamas. Tough life being the head coach of the New York Jets.  Ryan must have pictures of the team’s owner doing something wrong or something he can hold over the guys head. Why else would they keep him? The Jets finished the season at 6-10 and then Woody Johnson and Ryan pulled a vanishing act.

The two men didn’t even hold the NFL’s mandatory season ending news conference within the NFL’s time frame of 5 days. SO what is next for Ryan and his Jets?  Who will be the next GM of the Jets? What kind of antics can the New York fans expect during the 2013 season from Ryan? Only time will tell but why this guy still has a job is anyone’s guess….




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  1. Jets Fan

    Woody Johnson is waiting for the chosen GM to decide who will be the NY JETS future coaches & coordinators.


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