Chip Kelly got his wish from Eagles quarterback Michael Vick. The two men sat down and lowered Vick’s contract to something both men can live with. Now, Kelly still hasn’t ruled out a trade for Vick, like someone really wants an old beat up guy who has problems delivering the ball to his own teammates anyway. Nonetheless Kelly got Vick to take less money for this up-coming 2013 season and Vick signed a one year deal that could get him up to 10 million dollars if everything works out.

If I were Michael Vick there is now way in the world I would have lowered my pay if Pat Shurmur is really going to be Kelly’s offensive coordinator.  Vick must have had a worse concussion than he led on. To imagine the Eagles offense is going to run better with Shurmur anywhere near it is comical. Vick must have been assured that Shurmr won’t be allwoed to call the plays. Otherwise Vick would have been better off holding his ground and demanding a trade. Yes, Pat Shurmur is that bad at play calling.

I actually feel sorry for the Eagles fans. To have Shumur anywhere near your offense is offensive.






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