Aaron Hernandez might have just passed up football legend O.J. Simpson in the stupidity category. This is 2013 and you can’t even put gas in your car without being recorded by video surveillance. Hernandez should have thought about the possibility of himself and the others that took part in the execution style murder being caught on video.

Hernandez had to try and destroy the video his home security system recorded, obviously he didn’t do a good job if the police have recorded images of him carrying a gun in and out of his property in the early morning hours the night that the murder took place.

Hernandez had it all and he threw it all away by taking part in a murder. The guy had a 40 million dollar contract to play for one of the premier NFL football teams the New England Patriots. He made a bad choice.

He showed just how stupid he was by taking part in a plot to kill someone. Even if Hernandez didn’t pull the trigger himself, he is still up the creek without a paddle. He was there and the police found shell casings in his car that he rented.

His lawyer might try to say that all the authorities have is circumstantial evidence, but that evidence points directly to Hernandez being involved in a homicide.    The Judge has put Hernandez away without bail.

Hernandez was seen in the court room wiping tears from his eyes at the end of the proceedings. The guys should have thought about the consequences of the act before he took part in it. Hernandez proved to the world that he is just a punk who was paid a large chunk of money.

Because he was on top of the world, he thinks he could get away with murder. It was a stupid move on his part and now he may have to pay for that stupidity with his life.


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