Gary Kubiak the 52-year-old head coach of he Houston Texans, collapsed leaving the field for half-time. The Texans were off to a good start leading the game 21-3 at the half.

Kubiak was walking when he suddenly just collapsed and fell onto the field. He was immediately surrounded by people including medical personal.

It was reported that Kubiak’s heart rate seemed fine and the medical personal had to load Kubiak onto a stretcher to remove him from the field and he was taken by ambulance to a local Houston hospital.

Wade Phillips who just lost his father Bum Phillips took over the head coaching responsibilities when the game resumed.

Kubiak was clearly in pain as he laid on his back on the field. It was reported by the sideline reporter, Kubiak was in such pain he couldn’t open his eyes.

Officials from the Texans confirmed Kubiak was taken to the Hospital, but wouldn’t comment on which hospital they took him to. His family also accompanied him to the hospital.

We will bring you an update as to Kubiac’s status as soon as we hear any news.

UPDATE: Preliminary reports say, it was not a heart attack which made Kubiak collapse. This is all we know at this time.


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