I get a kick out of how excited QB Mark Sanchez is to be a part of the Philadelphia Eagles. Let face reality, Sanchez is excited because he is still in the NFL. It wouldn’t have mattered which team took him. He is lucky to still be in the NFL. He isn’t going to do much in Philadelphia, and it is probably just a waste of a roster spot.

Why would Chip Kelly even want to add a distraction like Sanchez to the mix? We all know who the Eagles QB is going to be. The answer certainly is not Mark Sanchez. The Eagles only play the Jets in one preseason game this season and it’s highly unlikely Kelly brought in Sanchez to pick his brain on his old team.

Now you have Matt Barkley and Mark Sanchez in a competition for the back up role. Why? What good is Sanchez going to be for the Eagles? He is ruined. He has proven time and time again, he isn’t an elite NFL quarterback.

He once had a shot at it, but that was long before he was thrown to the wolves. The Eagles didn’t need to bring in Sanchez. I doubt they keep him this season. If they do, it must be because Kelly feels sorry for him.

Barkley is cheaper and he has a longer career ahead of him. Sanchez has been there and his time in the NFL is drawing near an end. The Eagles shouldn’t have brought him to Philadelphia.  Especially with the way Chip Kelly wants to speed things up this season.

The only thing Sanchez does fast is cash his pay checks….

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