The New York Yankees just don’t seem to be able to slam the door closed on the Baltimore Orioles. The Yankees only have a 2 game lead over Baltimore and with the Tampa Series taking place they need to win to put some distance between them and the Orioles. The Yankees could beat the Orioles losing the game 8-3 allowed Baltimore to remain just 2 games behind the Men in pinstripes.

Phil Hughes  had a terrible outing for his Yankees, Hughes pitched for 5 innings and gave up 5 runs and 8 hits.  Not the kind of day you would expect when you’re trying to distance yourselves in the A.L. East. The Yankees did what they could, using 8 different pitchers to try and hold off the Orioles. It just wasn’t the Yankees day and they couldn’t get enough offense to make a run at winning the game. The damage really came to Hughes in the middle of the game, he was able to hold the Orioles scoreless for his first four innings of work.

Then in the fifth the Orioles started to pick away at the Yankees lead. By the time the 6th inning was over the Baltimore Orioles had a 2 run lead. The Yankees got going early with a Chris Dickerson home run in the second to put the Yankees on top 2-0. Then in the 5th the Yankees would get their only other run when Nick Swisher singled driving in Dickerson. The Yankees have to start winning to distance themselves from the Baltimore Orioles. Can you imagine if the Yankees would let the division go at this point of the season after being on top for so long?

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