Terrelle Pryor, you may want to consider throwing the football to the guy wearing the same uniform that you are wearing. Throwing it to the other team’s players is in-conducive to helping your team win. You wanted a shot at starting in the NFL and you aren’t making the best of it.

We know you haven’t thrown many since taking over the starting spot, but you picked a bad day to throw 3 of them. The Oakland Raiders were doing a good job hanging with the Chiefs in the game. They held them defensively in the first half.

The Raiders offense needed to make a statement and the statement should have been delivered by Terrell Pryor. He should have took control of the game and shown the NFL that he is ready to play in the tough games.

He didn’t do that and the result is exactly what people thought would happen when the Raiders played the Chiefs, they lost. The Raiders are trying to become a competitive NFL football team.

They made a statement by naming Pryor their starting quarterback this season. They want to win and Pryor’s job is to help them win.

This is your shot Mr. Pryor, show the world you can help the Raiders win football games. Sure you could use some help, but you have to avoid costly mistakes, especially when playing a team like the Chiefs.

Of course taking 10 sacks wasn’t a way to make a statement either. The Raiders offense line leaves very little to be desired.


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  1. STIGC11

    It wasn’t all Pryors fault. Maybe if the coaching would have recognized that the chiefs were giving Pryor too much pressure he wouldnt have thrown so many interception. How about run some running back screens / full back screens / wide out screens / even running back draws. Don’t blame it all on Pryor a lot of it had to do with bad play calling.

    • johnnie

      7 of the 10 sacks came when oakland lost 2 of its 2nd stringers on the offensive line,at that point oakland had 3 themselves tied with KC..If Oakland had all there 1st stringers in and even then nobody said they would be even good raiders would have trashed KC.Alex smith looked just as bad maybe even worse.

  2. Matt Ferguson

    Please who is the idiot who wrote this.Eli throws 3 pics no one is throwing him under a bus.Pryor has what 5 starts in his career ,he will get better.The O-Line didn’t help either.Not all 10 sacks are on him.This is a very young team and it will grow into a contender.May not be this year ,this year is about becoming a team and learning to fight and hopefully win games.So if you ain’t got any better sense than that ,be quite.

    • LG

      No one is throwing Pryor under the bus either, just saying he needs to stay calm and forget about trying to hard. Then you make mistakes and throw picks….


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