Tiger Woods hasn’t even hit his first tee shot of the 2013 season and people are already giving him his 7th win at Torrey Pines. Sure Woods has had some success in the past putting 6 tournaments at Torrey Pines in the bag as part of his 74 tour wins.  Nonetheless Tiger Woods is not the same Tiger Woods we saw win 6 other times at Torrey. Woods has worked on his game endlessly and he has still had considerable trouble stringing 4 rounds of solid golf together to win. Now with Woods talking about re-marrying his former wife one has to wonder where his heads at.

Thursday starts Tiger’s 2013 PGA tour season. Lets wait and see how he does in the 1st round before we engrave his name onto the trophy shall we? If Woods is the Tiger of old, which I think is gone for ever we should have a pretty good indication come Thursday night.  Then we have to wait and see if he does shoot a good round if he is capable of following it up with 3 more solid rounds of golf. This could be a pivotal year in the career of Tiger Woods. If he doesn’ get a major win, we can’t say it’s over for him. He is still young enough catch Jack. But Tiger Woods has to go out and win PGA tour events the same way everyone else does on the tour.

Tiger has to string 4 pretty good rounds of golf together and it all starts Thursday at Torrey Pines in San Diego California.


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