LeBron James is feeling left out because NBA fans have seemed to forget he took less money to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers to play for the Miami Heat. James has made statements about the fact he doesn’t get recognition  for the fact that he lowered his salary to go play for the Heat. How many people in Cleveland actually feel sorry for LeBron James? The guy is still knocking down huge sums of cash in endorsements and he is still making a ton of cash playing in the NBA.

What would James do for a living if he couldn’t play basketball? Would this guy be making hundreds of millions of dollars had he not had the talent to play professional basketball. Why even talk about the money he is making? What is James trying to do? Maybe he is bringing it up now so the owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers will remember it is possible to get James at a lower rate of pay. Maybe this is Lebron’s way of negotiating. Maybe he is sending out smoke singles saying, remember I don’t have to be the highest paid player in the NBA.

What ever he is trying to say, I don’t think the fans in Cleveland feel sorry for him and I don’t think they actually care about how much money he left for when he left. The only thing that matters to those fans is the fact that Lebron James turned his back on his home town team.


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