Joe Namath was so quick to come out and criticize the Jets for taking Tim Tebow in the off season you have to wonder if he has his eyes closed this preseason. Neither Tebow or Mark Sanchez have been able to get the New York Jets into the end zone through three preseason games. Sanchez was handed a golden opportunity when the Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton fumbled the football and the Jest took possession inside the red zone, Sanchez could punch it into the end zone from there.

The New York Jets and Rex Ryan have a situation in New York that nobody should like. Both Sanchez and Tebow have failed to get the Jets into the end-zone. The New York Jets have little time left to fix their offense. It is going to be a long season for the Jets if they come into the season playing the way we seen them play in the preseason. Rex Ryan must be holding something back, there is no reason the team shouldn’t have found the end zone with their offense.

Ryan has to make a decision as to who the starting quarterback is going to be. From what we have seen so far the Jets may not have one. Maybe it is time for Joe Namath to put the pads back on and show these guys how it is done……Tebow and Sanchez sure aren’t doing it…..




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