John Farrell let his poor decisions cost his Red Sox a win in-game 3 of the World Series. In what looked like a Boston sweep after game one. now sees the Red Sox trailing 2-1 to the Cardinals.

Farrell used a couple of pinch hitters in-game 3 and neither one of them produced a hit. Farrell, if you are going to send in a pinch hitter, make sure it is a guy who actually helps the team by producing a hit.

Farrell is in over his head. He is being out managed by Mike Matheny and the Boston Red Sox are starting to pay the price.

The team finds itself trailing in the world series and if Farrell doesn’t start making some better decisions, the Red Sox may lose.

It takes a long season to reach the biggest show in all of baseball. The Red Sox worked hard to get there. Now to see Farrell throwing it all away, it makes one wonder if he has what it takes to manage the big games.

Farrell may have been too quick to take Jake Peavy out of the game. The guy is a good pitcher and he only pitched 4 innings. This is the guy the Red Sox traded for in July who was suppose to help in big games.

The Red Sox are losing the momentum in this world series, if Farrell doesn’t start making better decisions, they will lose the world series too.

Now we going to hear about the obstruction call that gave the Cards the win. If Farrell’s team would have produced more runs, the game wouldn’t come down to that.

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