Joe Flacco came into the 2012 season looking for the same recognition as other big name NFL quarterbacks. Now that Flacco has his Ravens in the Super Bowl, you have to win the game. Otherwise you could go down in the history books as another quarterback that can’t win the big game. Flacco has had a great season. He ranked 1st in the post season and he completed 54.8% of his post-season passes for 853 yards without an interception. That is a great post season after the regular season in which Flacco finished ranked 10th overall and threw 10 interceptions.

Now it is time for Joe Flacco to step up to the plate and show the world he is deserving of the recognition he wanted when the season began. If Joe Flacco can play in the Super Bowl the same way he took his Ravens thought the play-offs, he will be deserving of some top ranked recognition. If he flops in the big game he could be in danger of being labeled as another guy who can’t win the big game. Flacco has a chance to come out of the 2012 season with a Super Bowl ring. There is no bigger prize in his profession. Whether or not Flacco takes it or not remains to be seen. He is going to have to play a mistake free game to get the ring…..


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