I saw this coming. The New York Yankees had to pull Jeter out of today’s line-up due to ankle problems. The 39-year-old short stop who really should just call it a career is going to have a ton of ankle problems this season. You don’t heal at  39 the way you do at 29. For Jeter to think he is going to be able to play an entire major league season, one should be questioning if those surgeons who fixed his ankle checked to see if the guy had a screw loose in his head.

There are several reason the guy should even be playing in spring training yet. His leg is not ready that is the first reason. The second is his age. Nobody wants to see a end come to Jeter’s career, but face it folks it could very  well be over.

We should all be celebrating the fact of how great Jeter’s career really is. The gut will be in the Hall Of Fame the first time he is eligible. Now, it is time for him to take up another sport, one where he doesn’t have to push off his legs and go full out to try and get to a ground ball.

I could see him spending time on the golf course. Yes, he could take part in some celebrity golf events. But to send him out there to make a fool out of himself after the career he has had in New York in just crazy.  It is time to let the man retire. The guy was an All-Star 13 times. How many people can say that? Let him retire and save the memories of what a great player he was.

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  1. BaseballRules

    You don’t hang ’em up after having the season he had last year. He still has something to contribute! He maybe shouldn’t play SS but he should play somehwere!

    • LG

      How about on the coaching staff???


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