Sure Danica Patrick was the fastest driver last weekend at Daytona, sure she took the pole position. Now, there is a lot of people thinking she will win the race. There is more to winning at Daytona than running a couple of fast laps. You have to have a car that will perform in traffic well, you have to have luck on your side and you have to avoid any other mishaps in the track. 45 cars qualified for Daytona, that mean there will be 44 people chasing Patrick into the green flag. She is going to have to get off to a good start. Patrick will be starting next to Jeff Gordon who has won 87 times in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series , that is 87 more wins than Danica Patrick has.

She is going to have her hands full trying to stay in front of Gordon who has 72 pole positions in his NASCAR career, Gordon knows how to start the race at Daytona and he knows how to finish the race at Daytona too. He won the Daytona 500 3 times. Patrick has never won it, she is a Rookie and she is going to have 44 people chasing her down and wanting to take the lead away from her. The start of the race is a dangerous business, a mishap on the start could take a bunch of cars out of the race.

Patrick has a good car and a great engine, she can’t use it all up early in the race. She has to save the tires and the engine to make it to the end of the race, this is a long race. Patrick has to win the race in the Pits stops as well, if she is going to have a chance to win the race. It is going to be a long race for Danica and everyone else too. Don’t be so quick to place Patrick into the Winners Circle yet. She has a lot of work to do to get there. She already made racing history winning the pole


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  1. tigress

    Danica couldn’t win the Daytona even if she had Tony helping her. She is all talk and no action. She is a mouthy Bi###. I would Love to see Dale Earnhart win this year.

  2. stagewritemusic

    I think its cool that she won the pole.. whether she wins the 500 or not.

    • LG

      Are you the writer of this song?

  3. Perry Hagen

    She wont win a race all season. She should stay in Indy cars.

  4. Pierre Logano

    Danica will never win a Sprint Cup race! Mark my words! Winning a Pole is nice but its not racing! She needs to go back to Indy Car!


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