Major League baseball is being held hostage by Alex Rodriguez. MLB is negotiating with Rodriguez over what kind of suspension he will face. Something is seriously wrong with this picture. Since when do people who are going to issue the punishment let the people who are breaking the rules set the punishment.

Rodriguez is only interested in saving some of the money the Yankees owe him. If Selig issues a life-time ban, the Yankees would be off the hook. Selig is showing weakness. He is showing that he may be the wrong guy running major league baseball.

Rodriguez is a repeat offender who not only knowingly broke the rule himself, he went on a recruiting spree to show others how to cheat too. Why should he be allowed to collect any of the money the Yankees owe him?

He didn’t care about that when he was clearly breaking the rules. He should forfeit what is left on his contract. He had a chance to stay clean, he didn’t take it. Now Baseball is letting this cheater call the shots.

Selig is showing weakness and he should step aside and let someone with a set of balls handle the situation. Then major league baseball should replace him with the guy who can clean up the sport. Selig says he wants to clean up MLB, but his actions in the Rodriguez case shows he can’t do it.

He is weak and should be replaced. Get rid of A-Rod, then get rid of Selig. Both would be great for the game…..

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  1. mecoman

    What a crock. I am so sick and tired of Selig’s vendetta against ARod. ARod hasn’t failed a drug test, he admitted that he used PED’s from 2001-3. Nobody has offered any proof that he has violated any rules.
    If you say it enough, then I guess people will just believe it.
    ARod has worked hard to get back to baseball and to help his team.
    Selig, on the other hand, has taken baseball and made it all revolve around drug use. Whatever happened to the game being the most important part of baseball?
    Not for nothing, but I think it is Bud Selig whose actions are “detrimental to the game of baseball.”


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