LeBron James is crying about the way the Chicago Bulls beat them last night. By now, we are used to hearing James complain about the way some players go after him. Hey LeBron, it is basketball, it is a physical game. You even talk about playing football during the NBA lockout, what would you have done if someone would have hit you on the football field?

He may be the king but some times his crying gets a little old. I am surprised he didn’t come up with the sore elbow excuse after the loss. Come on LeBron, just admit the Bulls out-played the Heat last night and stop with he whining. Didn’t your mother ever tell you, you can;t win them all?

The Heats streak has ended and the LeBron James crying has started.  It is almost humorous to hear James complaining about the hard fouls as he calls them.  He really needs to quit complaining and just play the game. Some times it is going to get a little rough out there and with his constant complaining he is trying to get the NBA refs to call nothing fouls.

You always see James talking with the officials before the game. Why do you suppose that is? He starts crying before the game even starts…..Get over yourself LeBron, you were just out-played last night.

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