Written By Clifford, Santa Monica;

They have the wrong coach—not because he CAN’T coach, but because of his blind, unyielding insistence on bending his players to fit his system instead of the other way around. Beyond that, I still think there are games that Kobe shoots too often. Back in the days when he had teammates named Smush Parker, Chris Mihm and Kwame Brown I wanted him to shoot until his arms fell off because his colleagues STANK. But now that he’s surrounded by highly skilled players like Pao Gasol, Dwight Howard, Earl Clark and one of the smartest lead guards ever to play the position in Steve Nash, I thought he’d have the good sense to defer more often than he has—especially on those nights when he’s bricked, say, twenty out of twenty five of his shot attempts. But his massive ego won’t allow him to do that. He’d rather do it all himself (just like Phil Jackson alleged in his autobiography a few years ago). And even though involving his current teammates would foster team cohesion and extend his career, Kobe instead prefers to stay abreast of LeBron James and Kevin Durant as the most prolific scorers in basketball—wear and tear on his body notwithstanding…


I certainly don’t get it. But worse yet, neither does Kobe and at this point I doubt he ever will …



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