The Miami Heat took up right where they left off, including the Lebron James cramps. Someone should tell James to drink more water, take some vitamin E and learn how to properly stretch before he goes into NBA combat. James has a habit of suffering cramps when he is in a big game. Maybe his fitness program needs some revamping. The Heat won over the Boston Celtics 120-107 and the Celtics failed to stop James and his Heat Teammates again. James scored 26 points as he watched Dwyane Wade steal the show with 29 points. Bosh added 19 to the Heats total.

The Heat are going to be a force to deal with this season. The team received their NBA Championship rings before last nights game and it looks as though they wouldn’t mind adding to their collection. You know what they say, the first one is always the hardest one to get. Now that James and his teammates have one, they just might get to the finals a little easier the next time. James and his Heat team certainly look to hold an advantage over the other NBA teams and it is going to be difficult to stop them from getting a repeat this season.

By the looks of things it is going to take more than cramps to stop this Heat Team….

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