The Kansas City Chiefs and head coach Romeo Crennel have to find a way to bring the focus back to football. The Chiefs have a game against the Carolina Panthers and it looks like the game will go on as scheduled. With Coach Crennel in disbelief over the tragic shooting death of line-backer Jovan Belcher who died of a self inflicted gun shot wound after shooting his girl-friend to death earlier today the Chiefs head coach has a lot to deal with.

It has been reported by numerous sources that Belcher thanked the head coach for all he has done for him before taking his own life. Although it is not clear as to all that transpired that led to Belcher taking his girlfriends life and then turning the gun to himself, it is still a huge blow to the Chiefs organization. Not many head coaches have had to face adversity like this before game day. Now with the investigation into what happened that led to this tragedy in full swing, Crennel has to find a way to get his team ready to play NFL football.

The Chiefs season was difficult enough for the organization, now you throw a players death into the equation, things just got that much tougher. The Chiefs have to find a way to go out and play this football game. they cannot let this unfortunate situation hamper what the team has to do next. They have to rally behind their head coach and take to the field tomorrow and find a way to compete. Life goes on no matter how tragic an incident may be, life goes on.

For the Chiefs, it is going to be tough, but life will go on as planned.



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