Getting your first win as a head coach in the NFL is never easy. Bears head coach Marc Trestman did a great job preparing his Chicago Bears to play the Bengals in week 1. Trestman is a smart guy, he could be one of the smartest offensive minded people in the NFL.

He had his team ready to face a Bengals team that was favored to win the AFC North this season. In other words, the Bengals aren’t a push over. Nonetheless Trestman took the talent he had and he used them to the best of their abilities. There has been a lot of question marks about Jay Cutler’s career.

Working with Trestman, a guy who really understands the quarterback position in the NFL is going to be a positive for Cutler. Trestman has helped to develop some mighty fine quarterbacks. His intelligence level is something you don’t see every day.

He knows how to take a quarterback and get the most out of him. He has been able to do it for years. Cutler is going to impress many this season and it is because he is now working with a head coach that understands what it takes to be a successful NFL QB.

Cutler had a good game against the Bengals, but I think he is going to have much better games coming up this season. He did complete 21 of the 33 passes he threw and he did throw for 2 touchdowns and only one interception but working with Trestman, is really going to improve this guy.

I can see a time coming in the near future where Cutler doesn’t make any mistakes. And the Bears will owe his success to their new head coach Marc Trestman.


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  1. Dynan3

    Trestman and Cutler will stun everybody this year. Marshall, Jeffries, Bennett, Bennett, Forte are going to be uncoverable…opening Forte’s great 2500 yard season.

    Count it. Suck fromage Green Bay.


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