The question of the day is, did Boston Red Sox pitcher Jon Lester cheat in the first game of the 2013 world series? How dare all these people come out and accuse a professional athlete of doing something illegal to gain an edge in their profession.

Everyone who has pointed the finger at Jon Lester, could be waiting to hear from his agent. Just the other day someone accused the world’s number one golfer of cheating and it didn’t take his agent long to come out and threaten to file a law suit.

Where’s Lester’s agent? Didn’t he learn anything in agent school? It is his job to come out and defend his client’s honor. Frankly, I am shocked all these people can come out and accuse a major league baseball player of cheating.

Lester might want to look into getting himself a better agent. There were a host of photo’s and videos pointing at a green substance in the glove of Lester. Lots of people are asking if Lester had Vaseline in his glove.

Are they serious? How could a guy go out to the pitcher’s mound in this day and age and try to put Vaseline on the ball? The umpires look at the baseball all the time. All it would have took,, was one ball in the dirt and the Umps would have busted Lester.

Major League baseball even addressed the situation earlier today. They had this to say; “We cannot draw any conclusions from this video.”

MLB also had this to say; added that baseballs potentially being doctored is “an issue we always monitor anyway.”

So with Lester being wrongly accused of cheating, how long until we hear from his agent? When will the first law suit be field on his client’s behalf?

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