Why would the team trade Rudy Gay? He was one of the Memphis Grizzlies best scorers. Is the team not committed to winning? It comes down to money, Memphis is in the midst of a money make over and they are now making decisions based on saving a buck and not winning. Gay was averaging 17.2 points a game and he could rebound the ball too.  Now he will be playing his basketball north of the border.

It wasn’t a great move by the Grizzlies and it showed in the game against the Thunder where they got their butts handed to them in the first game after sending Gay packing. Memphis should have kept Gay, they needed this guy to help them to continue winning in the NBA. Now, they are just going to be an average team without the help of Gay. The team is 29-16 on the season and they are not going to find as easy to win in the future.


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