Come Monday Morning, Joe Flacco the Ravens Super Bowl winning quarterback should officially become the highest paid player in the history of the NFL. Flacco will reportedly sign a 6 year 20 million dollar deal, making the quarterback the richest player in the NFL in terms of contract money. Are the Ravens using their heads in this deal? Is Flacco really worth 20 million dollars a year? Did the Ravens consider the Ray Lewis factor in the Super Bowl run they just had?

Flacco came through the play-offs extremely well.  Is this enough to show the Ravens front office that he deserves 20 million dollars a year? Can Flacco come close to duplicating the season he just had? There were a lot of factors for the success the Ravens had during the 2012 season. You have to consider the effect that Ray Lewis announcing his retirement had in the Baltimore locker room. The team was on an emotional high that may never be duplicated in the NFL again.

Lets face it folks, you cannot claim the Super Bowl  win strictly on Flaccos abilities. Flacco had plenty of help this season with the emotional lift that Ray Lewis provided.  In the 2013 season not only will Lewis be missing from the Ravens side lines, his spirit in the locker room won’t be there either. Flacco could be a giant bust this coming season for the Ravens. What if he can’t live up to the hype that got him to the level of pay the team has put on the table. The media will rip him and the teams front office apart.

It is going to be an interesting season in 2013 to see how Flacco will lead the Ravens without the emotional high a guy like Ray Lewis brought to the team. Failure in the play-offs was something that didn’t exist while Lewis was there. The Ravens are going to have to go it alone in 2013. The team’s success will rest on the shoulders of the 20 million dollar man and he better be ready to prove he is worth that kind of money…..




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