The Los Angeles Lakers may have more problems than who the next head coach of the team is going to be. The picture above, shows how some feel the team played this season. The Lakers won just 27 games in the 2013-2014 season. That isn’t the Lakers the people in L.A. expected.

Sure Kobe was coming back off an injury and sure there were questions about the head coach. But the fact is the team played like garbage. The Lakers haven’t had a season this bad in a while. Some are concerned about the fact Kobe, picks the next head coach.

The Lakers GM, Mitch Kupchak says, Kobe isn’t picking the Lakers next head coach. He went onto say, the lines of communication with Kobe are open, but he isn’t hiring a new head coach on what Kobe has to say.

What else would we expect him to say? We all know who is really running the Los Angeles Lakers and with the way the Lakers played last season, Kobe better be interested in picking some new players more so than who the next head coach is going to be.

Bryant is nearing the end of his NBA career. Maybe he should quit playing and consider coaching the team. Bryant isn’t helping the Lakers organization if he can’t get along with the head coach. The Lakers have to turn things around next season and they better do it with some quality players.

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