I often marveled at the things some people do for money, Rory McIlroy joining  forces with Nike, doesn’t seem to be paying off on the golf course. You can make all the excuses in the world for Rory walking off the course at the Honda Classic yesterday. The bottom line is that the Worlds number one ranked golfer who dominated the game in 2012, is struggling to make cuts this season in the PGA tour. You must realize what a feel a player has with his clubs, once that feel is gone, so is their golf game.

McIlroy was 6 over par after playing 8 holes on the back nine at PGA National. You can bet your last dollar had he been 6 under par, there is no way he leaves. The 23-year-old golfer said he is in a bad place mentally. I’ll believe that statement. I also believe he had some help getting to this bad mental place from the switch in equipment.  I recall another guy who played on the PGA tour switching his clubs. He went from playing forged blades to cavity back irons. He name was Payne Stewart.

After Stewart made the switch he too struggled with his golf game. It wasn’t until Stewart went back to forged blades, that Stewart added another major to his record before his untimely death. With McIlroy signing a five-year deal with Nike, and the mental state of his game today,we have to wonder if the worlds number one golfer is second guessing his choice to endorse the  Swoosh.

When Woods came onto the tour, rumors swirled that he really took Mizuno blades, had the name welded over and then engraved them with Titleist on them. Is there any truth to that? I certainly don’t know, but what I do know is, Tiger’s titleist clubs looked a lot like Mizuno Mp 29’s.

Perhaps Rory needs to find a way to pull one over on the Nike people, he needs to find a way to get his old clubs back into the bag so he can return to playing the kind of golf that put him on top of the golfing world. The metal state of McIlroy’s game is a huge problem. Golf is more metal than anything else. If McIlroy is mentally damage because his equipment is letting him down, he is going to have to find a way to get out of the 5-year-deal he signed with Nike.

Rory’s mental problems may have just begun. If it is his equipment causing his struggles, Nike isn’t going to like it. But who cares. The important thing is to get McIlroy back to playing great golf.

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  1. tigress

    I don’t believe what I just read. Why blame the clubs, blame the golfer. Rory should have been out there practicing, instead of romping around in bed. So, put he blame where it should be, with RORY. By the way, if he alters his old clubs to look like his new ones, I hope he gets caught and gets suspended for a year and also gets a hefty fine.


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