Former Colorado Tight End was asked at the NFL Combine if he liked girls during the interview process. While it is true that the NFL holds extensive interviews with perspective players, they may have seriously crossed the line with a question like that. We all heard the Baltimore Ravens would welcome a gay player in their locker room and we know some guys on the 49ers would not. There was more than enough talk about gays during the Super Bowl media week to last the rest of the off-season.

The difference here is that there are laws that protect people from discrimination, the NFL is expected to follow the same kind of employment guide lines and any other employer in the United States. In one version of  Kasa’s story he said the question was asked while the interview held a very straight face. In another radio interview later on Kasa is playing the question off as a joke. He said they asked it like this; do you like girls … ha ha ha,” Kasa said. “I think it was more kidding around. I don’t think it was an official question.”

Which way did they ask Mr. Kasa? If it were with a serious face and you took it at the time to be a serious question, why are you changing your story now? It certainly appears that Nick Kasa found a quick way to make friends inside the NFL. His chances of being drafted may have just dropped like a brick. I wonder if someone contacted Kasa and told him how serous this allegation was and now he is changing his tune?

Nick Kasa refused to give the name of the team that he said asked him the question and to set the record straight Kasa  says it was a no brainier, He likes Girls…..


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