If the Dallas Cowboys really want to fix things, they should start with the teams executives. Reports are coming out saying that Cowboys executive Vice president Stephen Jones wants a long-term contract extension for Tony Romo. Why, why would Jones want to keep a guy around long-term that hasn’t lived up to the hype that surrounded him throughout his NFL career? Romo is incapable of winning game that come down to the wire. His poor decisions continue to cost the Cowboys play off appearance and he finished the 2012 season tied for the NFL lead in interceptions.

Romo threw an interception trying to complete a screen pass in the Cowboys own backfield that helped the team get eliminated  from the play offs this past season. Couldn’t a guy who has played quarterback in the NFL as long as Romo has seen the defender in his own backfield? If the Cowboys really expect to compete on the level they once did, they have to throw the idea of giving Romo a long-term extension in the trash can and make him compete for a spot on the teams roster in 2013.

Look around the NFL, there are NFL quarterbacks not making the mistakes that Romo makes that don’t have long-term deals. They have to earn their spots and Romo needs to do the same.


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