For the New Orleans Saints and former defensive coach Gregg Williams NFL bounties keep getting worse. With the NFL releasing a tape with Gregg Williams talking about playing defense in such a manner you could take out a offensive player, Williams fate in the NFL has probably come to an end. The Saints have opened a can of worms which has led to exposing players and coaches that are guilty of doing things that have taken place in professional football for years.

Players who have played under Gregg Williams have admitted to collecting pots of money for big hits, they also say never were they out to hurt a guy and change a players life forever with a career ending injury. Yet these tapes come out where you could clearly hear Williams talking about injuring players.  Is the NFL one big act? DO players go out on the filed and try to injure others? Not the players I have talked to. These former NFL players who played under Gregg Williams say never would they be out to injure others. Sure they admit to trying for the big hit, never would they want to knock a guy out of his profession.

The same players I have talked to said, look what happens when a guy gets injured. We as players drop to our knees and pray it is not a serous injury. Each guy that puts on a NFL uniform and goes out onto the gridiron to compete in the NFL know what is at risk. Maybe Williams talks about going out onto the field and trying to injure other, the question you have to ask is will NFL players go out onto the field and purposely try to inflict a career ending injury on another player? The players I have talked to say NO!  Some of these guys were big hitters too. Have a look at the video and go to the one hour mark. You will hear former NFL greats tell us NO, they wouldn’t try and injure another NFL player with a career ending injury. Watch the Video and you be the Judge. Some of these players will be back on the Cleveland Sports 360 show Monday 4-9-12 at 6:00p.m. est. Only at and we plan to ask again about NFL Bounties….

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