Mattingly on Kershaw, He’s the most dominant pitcher Mattingly’s seen during his playing and coaching careers?

I guess he didn’t think much of Pedro Martinez’ dominance who, as I recall, posted ERA’s of 1.90, 2.89, 1.07, 1.74, 2.39, 2.26 and 2.22, respectively from 1997 through 2003 with many more strikeouts than innings pitched in each of those seasons.

Pedro reminded me of a cross between Juan Marichal and Bob Gibson, frankly. And he forged those numbers in a league where pitchers couldn’t pad their stats against other pitchers due to the designated hitter.

Since Mattingly began his coaching career with the Yankees in 1997 it‘s probably fair to say that he saw at least some of Pedro’s exploits during that time—not to mention those of Roger Clemens’ while Donnie Ballgame was still playing (and striking out against him) during the 80’s.


But that’s okay. If Mattingly wants to mention Klayton in the same breath with Sandy Koufax (the best pitcher I’ve ever seen), somehow it’s not surprising. I mean, what else is he going to say?





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