It looks like Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard have finally figured it out. They could be teammates ant together they could help the Los Angeles Lakers win basketball games. The Lakers are undefeated since the all-star game. Many thought the team would deal Howard before the trade deadline and there was even an incident where Howard was mocking Bryant behind his back at the All-Star game. But some how the two men have found a way to come together and start playing like they were teammates. The Lakers beat the Portland Trail Blazers last night 111-107.

Kobe led the way with 40 points and Howard played hard and scored 19. The two basketball legends have found some common ground and it seems like they both have started to compliment each other. Kobe has to be proud of the way Howard fought in the game, Dwight had 16 rebounds in the game and he put up a fight for the basketball every opportunity he had. The Lakers might be back to being the Lakers that once were. If Bryant and Howard can continue to play the way they have played together since coming out of the all-star break the team may just be able to live up to the promise that Kobe made about the team making the play offs.


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