The New York Giants are off to a terrible start in the 2013 season. It is becoming clear that head coach Tom Coughlin has lost his team. He can stand on the sidelines and have all the fits he wants, he isn’t making god football decisions and it is showing up each week.

The Giants are failing and the buck stops at the desk of Tom Coughlin. He hasn’t made the commitment to help his quarterback and the way the Giants offensive line is playing he is going to allow Eli Manning to get hurt.

Coughlin’s better days as the Giants head coach are behind him. At 67-years-old, it looks like he is dealing with a touched mind. How can the Giants win with him on the sidelines this season? He is clueless and he is letting this team fall apart.

He can’t help the team’s front office let some great players walk, but he could have made better decisions how to replace the people in key positions.

The Giants are now 0-3 and it doesn’t look like Tom Coughlin is in control of his team. If he can’t rally his guys to win, then his days as the Giants head coach could be coming to an end.

This team has one of the best quarterbacks in football and the team is turning into a joke. We have seen this team go to sleep over the past couple of season and it is Tom Coughlin who should be able to wake them up.

This season they never really got started. And there is no one else to blame other than Tom Coughlin who looks like he is bored with football. It could be time for a change on the Giants side lines.

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  1. tom ryan

    You must be a Dallas fan. The only thing Coughlin has forgotten is how to make lemonade out of dung. The record is reflective of players. Watch rest of league. The new cba rules have severely hampered the cohesiveness of the offensive line units and defensive backfield. If anyone can fix this it will be Coughlin.

    • Anonymous

      When pigs fly


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