Andrew Luck the number one draft pick in the NFL in the 2012 draft hasn’t been able to take part in the Colts team activities, all that is about to change. Luck had to finish his college  studies before he could join the Colts. The problem with waiting for Luck is the Colts are going to need Luck to come in and get up to speed quickly. The Colts are in the major rebuilding phase. Indianapolis is getting a major over-haul, the fans will be lucky to know who plays on the team. The Colts have so many new faces on the team they will hold a practice in Lucas Oil Stadium that will be free to the public so they can see the team that is in the process of re-building.

Andrew Luck is going to have the weight of the entire city of Indianapolis in his shoulders. Luck who is coming in to replace a living legend at quarterback better be a fast  learner in order to gain quick acceptance by the Colts fans. Many think Luck is a Manning clone, the fans must remember Luck has never taken a snap in the NFL. No matter how good of a quarterback he was in College, he will face a learning curve in the NFL. The fans in Indianapolis will have to be patient. Luck is going to have to come into Indianapolis and try not to do too much to fast. The Colts are facing a tough task trying to turn this team around after only winning two games in 2011. They can use a good Luck in doing so. We will see how quickly Andrew Luck can catch onto life in the NFL.

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