When the New York Yankees gave A-Rod a 10 year deal worth 275 million dollars they made him one of the highest paid baseball players in the history of the game. Little did they know that Rodriguez would be part of one the of biggest lists of Performance Enhancing  Drugs list that was just released hours ago. A-Rod already has his own problems with his hip surgery. Reports were saying he could miss the entire 2013 season. A-Rod was paid 30 million dollars in 2012. That is 238,000 dollars per game.

Rodriguez just punched the New York Yankees in the face. He admitted using banned substances in the past and says he has never used them since coming to the Yankees, yet his name is top on the list that was released a day ago. How much is enough? Wasn’t A-Rod happy enough with the life style he lives? The guy had it all and now is on the verge of  losing it. If you think about the 161 million the Yankees already paid A-Rod, you hope the guy was smart enough to put some away for a rainy day. It just might start pouring on Rodriguez any minute, and in New York When it rains it pours.


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