Former Cleveland Browns wide receiver Greg Little who is now an Oakland Raider, opened up about the Josh Gordon suspension. Little said the NFL rules violation may not be related to a  positive test. He said; his friend Josh Gordon who is working hard trying to get this thing over-turned, may not have violated a drug test.

So far, neither the Cleveland Browns, nor Josh Gordon have provided any details surrounding this season long suspension.  Little is the only person willing to discuss his friends case, and even he, wouldn’t go into too many details.

Little who was on SiriusXM NFL Radio, told the host, and co-host Bill Polian, “€œIt’s something that wasn’t in his control, so to speak. I don’t want to get into too much detail about it.”

Now we all have to wonder what happened. Remember, in the NFL if you miss a test, it is considered a positive test. Could Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon have not shown up to take a test? We don’t know yet, but as we get closer, I am sure more details will come out.

Maybe there is a chance Gordon can get this season long suspension, over-turned. It doesn’t happen much, but it does happen. Maybe Gordon can get the suspension reduced, maybe he can miss only 4 to 6 games. Without knowing all the details surrounding his case, we just can’t say how much of the season he will miss.

Little has faith the NFL will reduce Gordon’s suspension. He went on to say; “I applaud the Browns for sticking by his side.”

What a break this would be for the Cleveland Browns. If they can get a reduced suspension and  get Gordon on the field this season, it would help the team tremendously. We all saw what he did last year. Here is how Greg Little described Gordon’s 2013 season;

“€œIn all the years they’ve been throwing (the football) around he’s the only guy to ever put together 200-yard back-to-back games.”

That’s why the Cleveland Browns would be a better football team with Josh Gordon playing. Lets hope Little is right.


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