William Perry “The Fridge” is not dead. There was an internet hoax trying to say he was. Perry himself took to twitter and sent a tweet telling the world he also heard the rumors of his death. He wanted to tell everyone that his was still alive and doing well.

It isn’t often that someone gets to be around to see how others would react to their deaths. In this case even though the news of his death was false, Perry still had the privilege to see how others would react. The rumor was started because of news of another William Perry who died.

Once the Internet got a hold of it, well, the rest is history. Perry will go down in football history as one of the all-time greatest charioteer the game has ever seen. The large man would play the defensive line for the Bears and when needed he would switch to offense to get the team into the end zone.

Perry went to and won a super bowl with the Chicago Bears and he would go on to make music videos with other members of the team wearing their Bears uniforms and signing and dancing behind him. It was an era in pro sports we may never see again.

Perry and his teammate were really something. It is great news that the Fridge lives on…


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