With two of the top golfers in the world, both suffering injuries due to the rough, it is time to take a look at the course set up. Both Phil Mickelson and Sergio Garcia hurt themselves while trying to advance their ball out of the rough. Garcia laid on the fairway and received medical attention to his left shoulder and Mickelson tweaked his back on his final hole.

Mickelson is no youngster. A back injury at his age could keep him out of competition for a while. Even though Garcia is 11 years younger than Phil, he said he will have to see how his shoulder felt later. Garcia received medical attention several times through his round.

This year the HSBC Abu Dhabi Golf Championship, is really penalizing the players for missing the fairway. Michelson didn’t card a birdie in his round and finished 1 over. If his back is sore, his next round won’t be any thing to celebrate either.

Garcia who normally plays very well at Abu Dhabi only put one birdie on his card and finished his round at 4 over par.

If the rough is this bad, we can expect other players to suffer some sort of nagging injuries as well.

Garcia said the conditions are Dangerous.

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