Rory McIlroy had a fit at the US Open today. After hitting one into the creek he took a drop then hit the next shot into the creek as well. What did McIlroy do? He took out his frustration on his golf club by bending it.

First he used his body weight to bend the club, then he tried to break it by bending it over his knee. McIlroy clearly wasn’t strong enough to finish the job. It has been clear that McIlroy made a mistake this season by signing a Nike endorsement before the 2013 season started.

Today McIlroy showed the world what he thinks of his new Nike clubs. He took a quad on the 11th hole and now he was to finish his round with one club. McIlroy won’t be allowed to use that club for the remainder of his final round because the club had been altered other than by normal use.

McIlroy is 13 strokes over par. In today’s round he is already 5 over par with 6 holes left to play in his final round. He made on 2 birdies today bringing his birdie total for the week to 10. I’ll bet McIlroy is sorry he signed the Nike deal now.

He made a ton of money by doing it, but his game has suffered miserably because of it. Money is not everything. Especially when the new clubs are making McIlroy play poorly.





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